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CT1 Adhesive & Sealant 290ML All Colours

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CT1 The Number #1 Adhesive & Sealant on the market!

Excellent resistance to chemicals, Anti-fungal, Prevents bacteria growth.
Sets to a strength equivalent to an aluminium weld!

UV resistant, Excellent resistance to vibration. 
Food safe - conforms to ISEGA Standards

Perfect for marine and boating maintenance, accident and emergency repairs.
Works in wet or dry conditions, Can be used in all salt-water environments.
Odorless, Does not shrink, Can be painted, Contains no solvents, No isocyanates, Enviro friendly.


C-Tec set a mission to eliminate all the disadvantages of the conventional sealants and at the same time eliminate the need for several sealant types and to the amazement of the market we achieved this quest eight years ago. 

When we created the unique sealant and construction adhesive CT1 this was unprecedented development in the field of sealants as it was a unique formulated compound with the backbone being a hybrid polymer. 
CT1 replaces at least seven different products types as it has none of the disadvantages of conventional sealants and adhesives. 
For example CT1 sealant can be applied onto a wet surface even under water unlike conventional silicone it can be painted or structured which is a perfect solution for repairing settlement cracks where fillers fail. 

It is a perfect roof repair sealant and adhesive for bonding lead to brick or felt to wood. 
The CT1 sealant is the most environmentally safe sealant you can find as it is 100% voc free containing no petro chemicals this enabled CT1 sealant to be accredited with a European food approved certificate. 

This incredible sealant and adhesive is extremely versatile that will expand up to 350% without break and has an incredible strength of 270 n/cm² comparable to an aluminium weld.
( The CT1 sealant is available in several different colours crystal clear, white, black, grey, beige, brown, oak, blue and silver). 

Another incredible sealant for large areas is our "Roof 'n' Wall Seal" which we developed to replace torch on felt. Roof 'n' Wall Seal sealant is a unique formulated compound based on butyl rubbers to create a seal on galvanized, wood, felt or concrete. This sealant is very easy to apply with a trowel or roller which creates an instant seal. This unique sealant can be applied over existing felt or asbestos as soon as roof and wall seal cures it remains semi flexible to resist weather change.

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Beyond Belief!

This stuff is beyond belief! I phoned the company first to get advice on fitting a 5x1 plank across the top of my living room window for a heavy curtain set and i was looking for something that wouldn't be visible and the guy recommended CT1. 2 Runs of it along the board and its on. I could possibly swing from this its mega strong!

Sammi Jo ::

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